About Infinsco

INFINSCO, the name, is fusion for “Innovation and Finance for Startups and Corporates“. It is a state of art Entrepreneur Club & Organization dedicated to give young people the knowledge and skills they need for their entrepreneurial success through successful Entrepreneurs so that they get to learn from these Entrepreneur Coach that will help them plan for their future and make smart, academic and economic choices at the early age and make them competent on Global bench Mark.

To make it happen we have assembled it as Entrepreneur Address, which is the combination of Dolphin Clubs and EASY Programs (EASY = Entrepreneur Address Synergy), where Entrepreneur’s address, Future Entrepreneurs.

Dolphin Club, Club of Seven is set according to people’s stages of entrepreneurial achievement that has made it easier to keep them segmented for synergy with the mentoring and partnering solutions.

EASY Program prepares Dolphin Club members in the core areas and work readiness through growth mindset and doing-learning programs on Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, System & Policy and Leadership. This ignites the spark in people to experience and realise the opportunities and realities of work and life in this innovative world.


Government’s Success is directly dependent on Students (Youths) Success and Infinsco has direct processes for Students success.

Where, Success is defined as progressive realisation of worthy ‘GOAL’ & entrepreneurial success is defined as Progressive realization of worthy ‘Entrepreneurial GOAL’.

Goal setting at early age, at transition from Students to workforce is the most important phase for the growth of an individual and of nation. At Infinsco we believe:

“Entrepreneurship is Sport, start early to be a Champion!”

The student, “The Youth” who is the backbone to nation, has to make a firm decision on choosing a right direction (sync to their passion) for successful career according to their educational and natural instincts at an early age, which is goal oriented

Career is defined as the part of life that is concerned with employment that is the sum total of the various jobs or business people may hold during their lifetime.

At Infinsco, Career has more broader picture where it can be defined as the sum total of decisions that directs one’s educational, social, economic, political, and spiritual endeavors and reflect their unique personality characteristics and basic life values, if directed through driving passions.

Career can be broadly divided into two:

  • Jobs
  • Entrepreneurship

Jobs are mostly driven through Entrepreneurs, so entrepreneurship is the most important facet for the National growth and Infinsco’s brand; “Entrepreneur Address” works to cover this facet through various programs.

“Entrepreneurs” are people who create and grow enterprises.

“Entrepreneurship” is the process through which entrepreneurs create and grow enterprises.

“Entrepreneurship development” refers to the infrastructure of public and private policies and practices that foster and support entrepreneurship.

As Such, the word entrepreneur originates from the French word, entreprendre, which means “to undertake.” In the entrepreneurial context, it means to start a Business or Startup.

Entrepreneurship is divided into two:

  • SaME (Small and Medium Scale Enterprise)
  • IDEA (Innovation Driven Enterprise Adventure)

(Infinsco directors have 20 years of experience in supporting and enhancing SaME and are supporting IDEA since couple of years. This long work tenure in the field of entrepreneurship has given us the opportunity to create entrepreneurial network and required portfolio that motivated us to create this entrepreneurial platform.

  • Through Doing Learning Program and not just with classroom Studies
  • Rigorous Practical Training
  • Integrated & Systematic Approach
  • Real Picture of Entrepreneurship and not the hyped version.
  • Live Entrepreneurs Environment and Ecosystem where easy access to Successful entrepreneurs is enhanced through EASY Programs.
  • Also Partnering Entrepreneurs-Youthpreneurs made easy and concrete if product ready.
  • Resources and infrastructure made available to deserving startups. (Incubator, Accelerator, Funding, Mentoring etc.) 
  • Those who are not ready for startup yet, should get opportunity to get employed and are not under-employed.
  • Rural and urban Youths to get along for sharing and partnering that generates hidden potential to excel.

Infinsco has ready plans to create such ecosystem for our youth-force to be a potential work-force which can be a success if supported by INDIAN-Government

“India is one of the fastest growing startup landscape in the world and every major accelerator, investor, angel group, is participating in becoming a part of this growth journey”

Nasscom Chairman Raman Roy

India the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem, is poised to grow bigger and faster than the top two to become the leader of startups in the world. With the Indian government aggressively pushing initiatives like Startup India and Standup India, this is an ever growing and expanding trend today.

Raj Agrawal