Innovation & Finance for Startups and Corporates

Infinsco is a state of art entrepreneurs’ organization dedicated to empower people with the knowledge and skills they need for their entrepreneurial success.


We start with evaluation of the individual/team, their ideas, the extent of work they've done and the viability of what they propose to do


Based on our evaluation, we put the venture's team through rigorous training and coaching to strengthen the areas that are weak


We expose the team as well as the venture through a nation wide network of influential entrepreneurs for mentoring and feedback


Helping ventures grow and scale up as well as we help them launch is one of our key strengths & focus areas

Our Initiatives

Entrepreneurship with Entrepreneur Address

We train students in the skills and innovative thinking that allow founders to create successful businesses, challenging them to take a real startup from idea to execution that create impact in Society and Nation.

About EASY College Chapter Program

Infinsco has developed EASY Programs that gives students the entrepreneurial skills and mindset to start real companies and also helps students leverage their talents and tenacity to build a viable startup.

Our Special Features

experienced mentors

All our mentors are experienced in entrepreneurship and have seen the ups & downs of it, personally

certificate courses

Each of our participants for our workshops, camps, etc. will be issued various certificates from us

future ready

Ours is a revolutionary learning experience focused on future challenges these participants will face

interactive coaching

Participants at EA will have an unconventional hands-on learning with continuous guidance from the mentors

industry tie-ups

We have been tying up with industry leaders to add real life experiences, visits, etc. for our participants

protected playfield

In as much as we want to expose our participants to real challenges, they will operate within protected areas

audio-visual aids

It'll be learning outdoors with fun multimedia content to watch and listen to, keeping them engaged always

residential programs

Our longer duration camps shall be residential, giving the participants a tase of independence & responsibility


Why Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is known to be one of the toughest human professions. It’s like “military training”, a little bit of it one’s life goes a long way. It’s about a wholesome introduction to the world that our children will be facing tomorrow, in their professional lives. A world which is absolutely difficult deal with, navigate around and one for which your child can never be over prepared for!

Why start early?

Steffi Graf, Steve Jobs, Virat Kohli, Bill Gates, Phogat Sisters, Richard Branson,… this list is practically endless. Most of them started working for their goals pretty early, laying a strong foundation to base their success upon. We too wish that entrepreneurs start early, may be around the time most children start asking questions shaping their personalities based on the answers they get.

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